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Wing Tsun Kuen has 28 ratings and 2 reviews. Serge said: An amazing book on the art of Wing Chun. All of the forms are shown. Sil Nim Tau is broken down. This book contains information on Wing Tsun’s history, Tales of Yip Man, training system of Wing Tsun Kuen. Includes illustrations, theories, and techniques for. Leung Ting. Wing Tsun Kuen. (Hong Kong, ). The comprehensive work by Dr. Leung Ting, Grandmaster of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun), Closed Door Student of .

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Friendship and the IWTA don’t mix. This video is part of our instructor training program to highlight how a student who trains hard can easily dominate a lazy senior with “more years” of training. However Robin was too afraid to fight as were all of the other Chinese students in the Leung Ting gym.

Wing Chun United – Leung Ting – Wing Tsun Kuen

Of course people can pass their grades faster if they attend class more frequently and train out of class, but generally this is the timeline that one can expect. Essentially learning from other people’s mistakes. Yes, you read that correctly. Check out the email below with Mr. Shipping Options outside the United States: This is just one of a couple emails I have on this topic.

Leung Ting – Wing Tsun Kuen

Today I will explore the question: The hypocrisy of him mentioning his “enemies” notwithstanding, Mr. Also by exposing a very small selection of Mr. Ztaylokov marked it as to-read Oct 24, On a side note, we did not take many photos for his final seminar in as there were a number of European students present that Mr.


The casual reader would never care who the random demonstrator is in one of Mr. Leung Ting must think really hard about this.

Uniform varies from school to school, however advanced students will usually wear black, and lower level students will usually wear white or, if more advanced, grey. In addition to the hand forms there is also a standardised set of leg forms that are ,uen with the Siu Nim Tau.

Between 5th to 8th Practitioner level, the student learns the final parts of the system, and should have the whole of it, as well as be able to apply everything fing learned fluently and effortlessly. To make a long story short, Robin was too afraid to fight in the finale of the show.

I received my primary level certificate in Germany, but my second and third levels tests were done with Mr. Before the recent claim that I had only one week of training with Mr. Do they not know that the Internet even exists? Sifu Leung Ting knows leunv any “mistakes” that may be in the statement can be blamed on Robin.

They all crapped the bed and refused to fight. Leung uses in oeung to call his students. In those years I met him a number of times in Hong Kong as well as in Hungary. This is the culture of their association.

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Wing Tsun Kuen by Leung Ting

Leung Ting is so insecure that he believes mere photos of his ex-students will somehow “flip his rice bowl”. The shopping cart is powered by 2Checkout, Inc. The IWTA should hire me to delete ex-members. Leung Ting goes through the brutal effort of re-editting wihg books, it goes to show that he can and will do anything to discredit and erase ex-members. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

With Robin’s years of “Hong Kong” training and teaching he also couldn’t produce a student who could fight. So I promise to release only some very “tame” classic Mr. Even touches on the Wooden Dummy and Chi Sau. Explore the Oeung Gift Guide. Leung today and his Insincere Wing Tsun Amnesia will kick in. While WT is mostly an empty handed style, it does use weapons when the student is sufficiently advanced.

What kind of cognitive dissonance does Mr. Shortly after I quit inone of the managers poorly photoshopped me out of a long pole seminar photo with Mr. Apparently I was a big enough deal to be in the big press conference for Sifu Leung Ting’s 60th birthday.