November 21, 2018


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These payments are subject to certain tax restrictions and cannot be transferred or rolled over into an IRA or eligible employer plan. If no valid Form TSP-3 is on file, the account will be distributed according to the order of precedence as described in Section I above.

Agencies that provide employees with paper copies of Form TSP-3 or post electronic copies for download must establish procedures to ensure that they gsp-3 providing the most current version of the form and that obsolete editions are tsp- recycled or removed from their sites.

Complete Office Address and return form to HR after your first day. All three work together to provide the information needed to perform the final adjudication of their retirement.

Was this page helpful? Earnings on Roth contributions may also be paid tax-free if 5 years have passed since January 1 of the year the deceased participant made his or her first Roth contribution. If you and filalble family were enrolled in a group health insurance program for the last five years your enrollment will automatically continue. Submitting your paperwork early allows the personnel and payroll offices to complete their review and actions before your retirement date.

Send original to the dillable Branch of Service address located on page two of the form and one copy to the HR Rep.

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Agencies that enclose Form TSP-3 in orientation packets should use the most recent version of the form see Fllable 3 below and caution new employees not to submit the form until they receive confirmation that their TSP account has been established. Non-spouse beneficiaries have two options for receiving their death benefit, both of which are described below.

There may be severe tax consequences if the inherited IRA is not set up correctly.


Helpful publications are also listed below. In addition, this new policy required employing agencies to search their personnel records and forward all beneficiary designation forms then in their possession to the TSP recordkeeper immediately.

You can fill them out on your computer, however, you can’t save the form with the data on them unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both the personnel and payroll office in your agency, and OPM are responsible for processing your annuity claim.

See below for links to forms for DC, Virginia and Maryland.

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Any payments from tax-exempt money are not subject to taxes when distributed. Form TSP-3 allows participants with both civilian and uniformed services TSP accounts who wish to designate the same beneficiary ies for both accounts to submit one form, saving the participant both time and paper See Section D2 below. Free Filllable Reports 10 Vital Signs: Optional form — If enrolled in life insurance you may submit form any time after start date. The contingent beneficiary ies will share a portion of the TSP account designated for a specific primary beneficiary who dies before the participant.

If the beneficiary participant has an existing TSP account based on his or her own employment with the Federal Government or the uniformed services, he or she may transfer the BPA into his or her existing TSP account.

Requested for statistical use only. Death benefit payments made from a BPA must be paid directly to beneficiary ies. Always check the OPM web site before completing these forms to verify that you have the latest version. Issue Briefs Get it delivered right to your inbox!

Human Resources Forms The following is a list of forms in fillable PDF format which new employees are required to complete. If a beneficiary is not the surviving spouse, the beneficiary may receive the death benefit directly as a single payment. If there are no designated beneficiaries or contingent beneficiaries who survive the participant, the account will be paid according to the statutory order of precedence described in Section A above.

Delays in processing can be reduced by submitting your application several months in advance of your departure date and by reviewing your Electronic Official Personnel Folder eOPF to ensure it includes all of your service time from all sources. A will may not be used to designate a beneficiary fillqble a TSP account. I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification. SF Life Insurance Election. A participant may designate a contingent beneficiary ies for each primary beneficiary. The beneficiary gsp-3 may transfer or roll over part or all of his or her BPA into an IRA or eligible employer plan.


Following is guidance TSP has sent on beneficiary policies in fil,able of a recent rules change. Click on the Fullable Reader graphic to download a free reader.

Financial institutions must fax flilable form to or send the completed form for retirees to the address listed belowactive federal employees have to provide the fillablf institution with their agency’s payroll office address. Use the new form dated August Instead, they must direct the participant to mail, or preferably fax, the completed form to the TSP for processing. Bring acceptable identification documents see p.

The IRS publications listed below are available from this link:. These booklets and Form TSP are included in the Welcome Letter that is sent to each spouse beneficiary at the time his fillabble her account is established. If a beneficiary dies at the same time as the participant, the beneficiary will be treated as if he or she had died fullable the participant. They now require you to submit a form without and corrections. Some of the files link directly to the U.

Form TSP-3, Designation of Beneficiaryprovides active, separated, and beneficiary participants the ability to designate a beneficiary ies to receive their TSP accounts after their death.

The publication links that follow will take you to the IRS web site where you can select the most current publication you desire from the list provided. Review our section on COLAs to see what date would be best for you. Although agencies are required to provide Form TSP-3 upon request, agencies must not accept the completed form from the participant. If the TSP recordkeeper receives a Designation of Beneficiary fillale from an employee who does not yet have a TSP account, the form will be returned to the employee.

Do not send without witness signatures.