December 9, 2018


The Colonel has ratings and 90 reviews. Petra X said: This book is banned in Iran because the author will not allow the censors to edit it to reflect. 1 Jul The Iranian writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s book “The Colonel” has just been published in the United States even though it has not yet come. The Colonel is a novel about nation, history, and family, beginning on a rainy night when two policemen summon the Colonel to.

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The son-in-law is out to play sides against the middle for what he personally can get out of it.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi

From the Trade Paperback edition. Certainly an effective maahmoud, if not an enjoyable one. I am from Iran and so I know the context in which the story was happening. The second colonel of the title — The Colonel always capitalized is a historical figure.

The best analogies for this novel, though, are drawn from the stage, in the choral speeches of Brecht, the political choices of Sophocles, and the stacked corpses of Thomas Kidd. Dowlatabad presents it beautifully. That’s it for women. Mahmoud Dowlatabadi was born into a poor family of shoemakers in Dowlatabad, a remote village in Sabzevarthe northwestern part of Khorasan ProvinceIran. Views Read Edit View colonsl.

Retrieved November 13, The dead, in many ways, do indeed awaken throughout the course of a narrative which takes place over one rain-filled evening interrupted by a disorienting series of flashbacks, hellish nightmares, and horrific visions. The Colonel is both a political novel and a family drama — knowledge of the former is essential in understanding the latter.

In the face of this cruel, personal history, Dowlatabadi has wrought an affecting and beautiful novel. Dowlafabadi main characters of this story, the colonel, Amir and Khezr are well presented and I could understand the reasons behind their actions.


What about us, the people who send these unformed lumps of soft putty out onto the street, where they fall into the arms of the first merchants of villainy they come across? Jul 09, Nazanin rated it really liked it.

The Colonel

There are some notes at the end of the book which I found helpful. This evolutionary ability to strive to be normal dowlatabadl the spirits quest for survival. It is a beautifully written but challenging read, due to its references to Persian history, although the translator, Tom Patterdale, does a superb job in providing brief footnotes throughout the book, along with an excellent afterword and glossary that is invaluable to the average reader.

The novel switches views between the Colonel and his eldest son, Amir, who fought as a mahmuod in the revolution, only to see his friends and comrades dowlattabadi as the Islamists consolidated power leaving Amir guilt-ridden and on the brink of suicide. I have to say the experience of reading on a screen is nothing like as enjoyable as holding a nice paper book. He has also garnered praise internationally, with Kirkus Reviews calling The Colonel”A demanding and richly composed book by a novelist who stands apart.

She died in custody and he must bury her before dawn in an unmarked grave. Don’t women have a voice or is that as shrouded as their bodies? If those who are to come were to take the time to pass judgment on the past, in all likelihood they would say: When he colonwl what was his crime, they told him, “Nothing, but everyone we arrest seems to have copies of your novels so that makes you provocative to revolutionaries.

An extraordinary combination of illusion, reality, and memory depicting a really fragile time at the history of Iran. This novel lyrically depicted the effects of the revolution on the opposing political groups, who in fact f Dowlatabadi has once again rendered me speechless, but I will use the few words I can summon to describe this piece. The Colonel is not a platform through which Dowlatabadi explicitly tells his Iranian readers about their tumultuous history.


I didn’t like reading this.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi’s The Colonel — Music & Literature

Besmel is a novel of the Iran-Iraq war In AugustIran issued a commemorative postage stamp for writer Mahmoud Dowlatabadi. As an actor, Dowlatabadi undoubtedly appreciates the many textures of silence, and silence often reveals far more potent truths than any utterance.

Knock hard enough to wake the dead in their graves. It is a big pity that I could not read “Colonel” in Farsi. What could I have done? The night, like the rainfall, is seemingly unending. Could they really be coming…for him? Around this time he also ventured hhe journalism, fiction writing, and screenplays.

And so numerous mahjoud, past as much as present, experienced by the Iranian people emanate from every page and in turn make the work itself traumatic: Overall the translation is not bad but as the translator says at the end of th I like the style of story telling of this book and could connect with the characters in the story specially Amir and the colonel.

Other than the language, the story is telling a retired colonel’s fate whose offspring are representing different popular and I would give it a 4.

The spirit deludes itself, with lies and justifications in order to keep on living. What should I have done?