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The Baptism with the Holy Ghost comes by Understanding - 18KB

On the day of Pentecost the Church was inaugurated, Peter had the keys
those who refuse God's Word for their day reject the Holy Spirit
Peter turned the key, and 3,000 Jews entered the Kingdom
Jesus promised Peter he should unlock the Kingdom to the Samaritans too
All Gentiles IN Christ are Abraham's seed by the baptism with the Holy Ghost
how we distinguish the Spirit of Truth, and the spirit of error in others

Easter - When was Jesus Crucified? - 67KB

Easter - When did Jesus Resurrect? - 22KB

Hebrews calculate day from sunset to sunset "evening" is from 3:00-6:00pm
our Thursday sunset to Friday sunset (The First Day in the Tomb)
our Friday sunset to Saturday sunset (First Night & Second Day)
John 19:31 says, "..that sabbath day was a high day"
our Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset (The Second Night & Third Day)
What time was Jesus buried? Close to sunset, as Nissan 14
When was He raised?
Chart illustrating the Six Days Before Passover in Hebrew Time and "Three Nights and Three Days Jesus was in the heart of the Earth"

Stress and Nervous Tension - 22KB

God provided cities of refuge for those who slew a manaccidentally
God is the avenger, and the Word, being Himself, will fulfill Itself
cities of refuge established on a geographical rather than a tribal basis
murder was the concern of the community at large
a killer guilty of murder, he was executed on the spot by the goel
The law of vengeance permitted only "lifefor life"
sinners are always stressed and under tension through pressure
God's in nature. He placed natural instinct in man to warn of danger
No wonder folk suffer from "stress". They're disobeying God's law
medicine doesn't seek to find and heal the cause of a sickness
What should we do when we're under stress?
US Pharmacies filled 45 million Valium prescriptions in 1978.
There's also "Baby Ritalin" for children as young as ten-months
second largest cash crop in the USA is marijuana at US$33.1 billion
Weak-minded men who are "ignorant and unlearned"
Christians don't fear death , and in earlier ages looked forward to it

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