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Satan's Purpose: Absolute Dominion by One World Government - 22KB

History is not an episodic haphazard series of events, but the outcome of long-term planning by groups of powerful elites behind the scenes
Elite control is extensive in publishing
DELIBERATE environmental poisoning was considered politically unacceptable
anti-reproduction "pill" to be added to water supplies or essential foodstuffs
EXTRATERRESTRIAL threat, massive global POLLUTION, fictitious ALTERNATIVE enemies
There will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities - until the plotters have gained their objective
The coming NWO is the great tribulation. They are one and the same thing
Revelation 13 gives an historical account of how the NWO developed from Satan's desire to usurp Michael's position and rule what was always to be the Kingdom of God
When the Dragon is cast out of heaven at the seventh Trumpet, he comes down to earth and incarnates the Pope who will rule the NWO
The beast of Revelation 13:1 is Papal Rome in the days of the NWO
Dogs are the lowest of social outcasts, like homosexuals and male prostitutes
Jesus speaks, vindicating Brother Branham's Message John heard, saw, and recorded

The Invasion of the United States - 29KB

Ahab is a type of the USA. Brother Branham typed him with the late President Kennedy
Jezebel was married to the State, she built cathedrals and groves and set up a boycott of those not belonging to join her Council of Churches
Soon your denomination will be forced into the World Council of Churches
Israel's history under Ahab is happening right here in America
Syria is a type of Russia which will attack and invade the USA
the natural focus of attack from both Russia and the Moslem world will be upon Israel and America

God's Dwelling Place - 8KB

Ezekiel 40-48 parallels the Book of Revelation
The only place anyone will ever find God is the place where they left Him
Ezekiel does not rebuild the Temple or establish any structure. He "reinstructs" the temple
The Orthodox Israelites are now preparing to re-establish their Temple worship and sacrifice
Revelation or faith starts where the Law of Moses ended
The last of the six purposes of Gabriel's vision to Daniel which expound the way Israel must follow in his restoration to God was "to anoint the Most Holy"

Justification - 30KB

Contrary to Baptist theology, "eternal security" isn't found in Justification alone
It's not that anybody in Adam's race was ever "unsaved"
We are accounted "not guilty" if we live by faith, or have the mind of Christ
The answer is through divorce and marriage
a woman with uncut hair declares her honour: for her hair is given her for a sign that she is under authority
Looking at the spiritual marriage our soul is the feminine of God
A woman is under the authority of her husband. If she is unmarried, she is under her father's authority, and if he dies, her brother is responsible for her
The husband is head of his wife and HE bears HER responsibility
In His grace God provided a way out. It's called "divorce"
There are three steps or stages of grace through faith

I Corinthians 14:18-40 - Speaking with Tongues - 23KB
Paul denounces as childish and a mark of immature judgment
when God speaks UNINTELLIGENTLY, He exhibits Himself as a stranger
Jesus spoke UNINTELLIGIBLY to the seventy as if He were a stranger
Uninterpreted TONGUES, is a judgment sign, condemning UNBELIEVERS
Paul draws some practical reasons for REGULATING the use of the gifts
meet about a hour before services ever started in a room to themselves
Interpreters of tongues don't "know" or recognize the language of the speaker
Those who seem contentious about Paul's teachings are without the Spirit

I Corinthians 12:1-14:17 - Gifts and Callings of God - 36KB

the Holy Spirit falls on the just and the unjust - saints and sinners
Brother Branham restored this order at the close of the Church Ages
The Word of wisdom is to understand the Word of God by the Holy Spirit
"Faith" is knowing God's will to manifest extraordinary deeds
GIFTS of "Healing" is plural. God works in many different ways to heal
"Interpretation" of tongues is not learning the vocabulary of men or angels
the apostle who is a special man sent from God to set the things in order
The prophet is a special man to whom God's Word comes first hand
You cannot mix two or three offices together at the same time
The PROOF of God's love is in election - because we are in Christ
we do have today, by God's help, the perfect interpretation of the Word
immature realization is passing away to be swallowed up in perfect realization
the miracle was not SPEAKING with unknown tongues but HEARING

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