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The True Location of the Red Sea Crossing - 41KB plus maps & Diagrams

The maps in our Bibles do not match God's Word
Theologians haven't found these cities because they've searched the wrong coast
the topography of areas identified with Pi-harhiroth, Migdol and Baal-zephon on our Bible maps does not match the geography of Moses' account
Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai Peninsula at all, but over the Red Sea in the land of Midian
We can estimate the duration of the journey to Pi-hahiroth if we calculate backwards
Geologists inform us that the southern Dead Sea is a burnt-out oil field
Among the ashes at all five sites are countless pieces of brimstone
let's take a look at the actual crossing-place at the Red Sea
Nature has formed this land bridge at the narrowest section of the Gulf
The divided sea became walls of solid ice, 1,000 feet high
Jebel El Lawz is known to locals as "the mountain of Moses"
Mohammed knew these parts, and visited this mountain at least once
Also found is the altar to the golden calf with twelve petroglyphs around it
It is impossible to correlate the duration of certain legs of the exodus and the topography described by Moses with maps drawn by theologians
Billions of Bibles with FALSE information on their maps

Revelation 11 Parallels Ezekiel 40-43 - 26KB

When Papal Rome rules the NWO, God of heaven shall set up a kingdom
John represents the end-time Bride of Christ
Christ's end-time Bride is here measuring or judging the 144,000 Israelites
The angel with the vial was Brother Branham. First he defines the City
Ezekiel's instructions show Israel the way into the Presence
The seven judgment angels of Ezekiel 9 are the seven- fold Spirit of God
The departure of the Shekinah from the Temple was fulfilled at Christ's baptism
Now Jesus describes events that will happen two thousand years in the future

The River of Water of Life - 32KB

Clearly, Jesus was not born in December, but in April, Springtime
The olive is harvested by beating; the vine is crushed, emblematic of Israel
Israel took upon themselves a curse unto death
Israel's national revival is called "The sign of the end of the dispensations "
Eden was all the earth within which the garden was God's sanctuary
Dressing and keeping was activity or "work", but not agriculture as we know
Nod foreshadows the far away uninhabited land to which the scapegoat
Temple where the Shekinah is revealed in Its fullness is the Lord Jesus Christ
The Message God commissioned Brother Branham had two climaxes

Three Summit Meetings - 20KB

In the old Jerusalem, although God was present, He was not visibly present
to secure its holy destiny, Israel was encircled by a hedge of theocratic law
the great City of God has become a manifest and open Holy of Holies
The covering of the Ark was the Most holy in the Holy of Holies
At the foot of the Tower of Babel, mankind was divided into seventy nations

You Shall be My People, and I Will be Your God - 26KB

As Christians, we are the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the baptism of the Holy Ghost
"Heavenly places" is the believer's position in Christ. Its THEIR part of the Word, the PRESENT Truth for THEIR day
This heavenly City exists only in God's mind. It's His dream Home as it were
No wonder men adore women. They're made to be worshipped: in a pure way
Courage is needful in these last days when to be cowardly before the enemies of God is to lose the things of God
The end of the Gentile dispensation is marked by a catastrophic earthquake sinking Los Angeles and 1500x3-400 miles of California
Preaching the First Seal, Brother Branham said, "I'm going to call you Bride"
In transparent glass, any flaw would be immediately obvious

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