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Hegelian Dialectics and Conspiracy - 36KB

The Hegelian dialectic process is the notion that conflict creates history.
The function of a Parliament or a Congress is for Hegelians, psychology
The State for Hegel and Hegelians is God on earth
Textbooks present war and revolution as more or less accidental results
The first mechanism is control of information
The second mechanism is debt
The third control mechanism is technology

God Works in the Individual, Not through Organization - 32KB

WRITTEN history is the outcome of a manufacturing process
LIVING history is the operation of policy
Communism is not a military confrontation. It is an international conspiracy
International Finance is essentially a conspiracy
Communism, openly proclaims itself as a policy of internationalism
Communism is the power-structure of a system of World Government
Realistic accountancy, not gold, is the proper 'reserve' for 'money'
planned depopulation of the world, already under way
Global 2000 Report to the President
Global Future: A Time to Act
Malthus "Essay on the Principle of Population as It Affects the Future of Mankind".
Excessive people now present the greatest threat to the elite
Why do we have fluoride in our water supply? It's rat poison

America, Prostitute of the Nations - 28KB

The whole of God's creation is a manifestation of His Spoken Word
Cain was not part of God's creation. He was a hybrid of two species
Jesus foretold there will again be intermarriage with the serpent's seed
established our human society in a nationalistic order
In the US Constitution, the word 'person' applies to those who are " citizens"
When we dare to defend our traditional heritage we are called bigoted racists
These races were not included and were not intended to be included as citizens
Constantine made the church a State institution and under Imperial control
With the rise of Islam , two universal religions, for the first time stood face to face
God gave Papal Rome 1,000 years during the Dark Ages in which to repent
In about the last thirty years Western man has lost his identification
Russia, taking headship of the Eastern faction will destroy the Vatican

Revelation Chapter 1 - 21KB

These things were unknown to Jesus while He was on earth
We can positively identify the angel of Revelation 1:1
The revelation of God for each age can come in that age only
the Book of Revelation can be revealed only to the elect
Physically, John was on Patmos in man's day
Throughout the Book John represents the end-time Bride

Prophets - 29KB

Who wrote the Bible? ...it was written by prophets
Who told us God is a Trinity? ...certainly not prophets!
Who told us Jesus Christ IS God - Jehovah, manifested in flesh? Prophets!
The Old Covenant was a SHADOW or TYPE of the New Testament
there is a test in our Bibles whereby one can prove a prophet
the Gentile dispensation had within it nine sub-dispensations
God spoke to Israel in each division of the Gentile dispensation
The revelation of the PRESENT Truth is the baptism with the Holy Ghost
God's Work is the manifestation of His expressed thoughts or Word
How is Christ coming?
Jesus is telling His disciples this will be a " parousia", not an "erchomai" Coming
The Archangel or Angel of the Covenant is Christ placing judgment on Rome
The denominations expect a Man to descend from the sky on a cloud
Jesus could not fully redeem the Church at Calvary

The Original Sin 1/3 - 23KB

The Fall was not caused by eating natural fruit which was permitted
The apostle Paul certainly knew what happened in the garden of Eden
birth-pains are to remind women of the original sin
Eve gave herself to the serpent, then had her first relation with Adam
Not once is Cain mentioned in the genealogies of Adam
The apostle John also knew what happened in the garden of Eden
It is absolutely impossible for Cain to have come forth from Adam
We also must remember that enmity was put between the two seeds
Speaking through His prophets, God promised He would RESTORE the faith

The Original Sin 2/3 - 19KB

Genesis 4 is intended to be a historical message
Cain was already conceived by the serpent prior to Adam having knowledge
Eve regarded her firstborn son as the very individual who was to be the Savior
Cain was "born in sin"; death stood between him and Jehovah
A link between sin, sexual conception and death is evident from the Fall

The Original Sin 3/3 - 14KB

the second birth comes not through sex, but through faith in God's Word
The first Adam had within him the whole human race (including Eve)
Those who are in Adam's race were born 'saved' from mother's womb
Cain was never IN Adam. He is nowhere in the genealogy of the human race
Certainly Aryan's are descendants of Adam but so are the colored people
Racial mixing is accursed of God. Specifically interbreeding with Serpent's seed
never in the history of the world have the races intermixed

But the Woman being deceived, was in the Transgression - 15KB

Superfetation is not unknown in humans
The most famous case of superfetation in humans is found in the Bible account of the conception and birth of Cain and Abel
The etymology of Cain and Abel are quite separate
No other act with Adam is recorded between the birth of Cain and Abel
To that time, the serpent had walked upright
the fall took place when Eve gave herself to the serpent

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