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The Ordeal of Jealousy - 24KB

The spirit of jealousy enters when a covenant has been agreed and corruption and secret unfaithfulness is suspected
the Spiritual Bride-Church, the foolish virgin, and the FALSE church
great truths were lost through Roman Catholic persecution in almost 1,000 years of Dark Ages
He may then make her drink the vial on the evidence of one witness, or on his own evidence
We live in the days of the final investigation judgment
The foolish virgin are without sufficient Oil or Holy Spirit to give the new birth
In the New Testament, when a Seal opens, a mystery unfolds
the vials contain the Word, the curse of the Messages to the churches when they have been rejected.
In Revelation 15 and 16 we see a preview of the revelation Israel see in their 'parousia'
The Temple of God in heaven must NOT be understood as literal but for what it REPRESENTS
We are all one Body, so no man could enter the Temple until California sinks under the seventh Vial, seventh Trumpet, and sixth Seal

The Sixth Vial - 35KB

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