Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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Revelation, Chapter 8:1-6 - 33KB

Rahab had to have the Token or EARNEST of her inheritance ON display
At Jericho, the priests blew their trumpets each day and the people kept SILENT
The Feast of Trumpets type the TEACHING of Israel's two witnesses
The SILENCE is BROKEN by the Seventh Trump
Revelation 10:7 speaks of the angel to the Seventh or Laodicean Church Age
God gave this revelation to Jesus AFTER His earthly ministry
The tribulation period under the Sixth Seal was for a threefold purpose
the six Seals of Revelation 6 sounded mostly what has happened in the PAST
The TRUE tabernacle and the vessels of ministry IS Christ's Bride

Three Witnesses to Life - 44KB

the ONLY way one could enter the Presence and live in His sight
The Lord came to the Temple of Jesus Christ, signifying His Presence
At no time has God performed so many miracles as He has in OUR day
Sydney has the second largest concentration of homosexuals in the world
This exposes the whole concept of the trinity and its pre-existent or 'eternal Son'
Brother Branham was the firstfruits of them that are Christ's at His 'parousia'
The baptism of John was the SEAL of the Law
Jesus did not negate or do away with the Law. He MAGNIFIED or expanded It
John introduced the first Coming - the Tree of Life made flesh

Matthew Chapter 13 - 40KB

The church denominated and died in AD 325
The Reformation was NOT a restoration
The multitude NEVER understand Spiritual things
Eve hybrid with the Serpent
By REVELATION God made known the mystery to Paul
two seeds were planted in the first Eve
The reapers are those seven portions of the Spirit
Lake of Fire is a place of torment and eventual annihilation
Jesus began life with a bad name
Wesley was to become the angel to the Philadelphian Age

Politically Correct - 36KB

God was all alone with His thoughts and He wanted fellowship
Judas Iscariot, the most trusted of the disciples
breeding MEDIOCRITY into the people
Cain and his race were never in Adam
What caused the fall at Nicea was Satan's LIE again
ALL Adam lost, Christ has restored
'Political correctness' is Satan's LIE
What is the Anti-Thought Control Dictionary?
WHO is it that seeks to control our minds
The 'stage' has become an illusion
The movies were used to foment the 1939 war
The means of their power are capitalism and journalism

We are not of Them Who draw back unto Perdition - 29KB

the Pharisees were formalists
The 'Invitation' is by grace through FAITH, not works
the first pull is for those who were invited
the second pull was for the poor, maimed, halt and blind - the lowest classes
The third pull is for the Gentiles
Pharisees also had 'a public show' of the Supernatural
Each Christian is a king engaged in a struggle with an enemy

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