Teaching Sermons & Key Words
Page 11
Notes on Joel - 42KB

Once a woman was betrothed, her fiancee was known as her husband
These locusts represent God's army of demons
This earthquake marks the end of the Gentile dispensation, sinking Los Angeles
the Pope brought out of the USA and re-establishes the headquarters of the UN
Brother Branham prophesied Russian soldiers will also ravish American women
worshipped the false trinity of gods introduced by Ham following the Flood

Return with Singing unto Zion - 20Kb

Jerusalem was founded by the Jebusites - Serpent's seed
Babylon was the world's first superpower
Israel's spiritual treachery and fall would dishonor God's Name

Named in Zion - 36KB

Christ's atonement is the Seal to God's Covenant
Zion's broken walls are constantly before the Lord
Rome will break the anti-Christ covenant with the Jews
The 144,000 catch the revelation, then Armageddon sets in
Zion may regard ALL the saints as her own
God gave the Church the former or teaching rain
God can arrange release even of the lawful prisoners

Blessed Assurance - 16KB

Imperial Rome became Papal Rome
psychology counts for more than fundamentals
Instead of us changing the currency
The object of the kings of the East

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