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Entropy, and 'the Countdown' - 22KB

Satan chose man's head as his throne
Satan encourages us to fix our hopes upon THIS present age
The proof of entropy is death
to propose evolution, scientists must oppose themselves
The shifting of earth's axis at this time
On the Seventh Day, God created man SUDDENLY!
We all inherited a worldly nature and physical death
the Law of Moses was to PROVE sin is sin
Christ overcame death and replaced it with Life
mystery of marriage and divorce

Hubris - 54KB

Ezekiel 39 and Revelation 19 which portray the unburied state of the godless
Satan is not called the god of any other age but THIS age
Hubris plays a focal part in the cosmic battle
Cain didn't want a blood sacrifice
The god of this age has exalted himself above the true, vindicated Word of God
In Australia, Satan has legalized sin
All of these holy mountains were patterned after mountain of God in Eden
Lucifer was the signet to confirm or seal that which was complete
The Pope is the antitype of Lucifer's initial office as the anointed cherubim
This hubris (pride) when the state becomes god is a type of Rome and the beast
Corrupt politics through the UN and confederacy of apostate Protestant churches
After this earthquake strikes America a deadly blow, Russia attacks
The spirit that motivated the four dominant world empires

Redemption - 30KB

We are the last generation. There can be no more
recognize our day in the Bible and receive its message
He's led us to Himself by three stages of grace
You can't repent for what Adam did
The natural birth types the spiritual birth
ONE man, went in the rapture before the flood
Noah was a type of those who go into the tribulation
PROVES that the millennium is not the end of it
He uses the same plan of redemption for the earth
The world is an attribute of God's thinking
What did justification do to the world?
it's not altogether a literal fire; it's also a holy Fire

The Feast of Tabernacles, Part I - 36KB

Brother Branham's ministry proclaimed 'the day of vengeance'
Christ's parousia to the 144,000 elect Israelites
we shall review the Hebrew sacred feasts
Christ was the TRUE Passover Lamb who died in our stead
wave sheaf represented Christ Who was lifted up
Pentecost typed the FIRSTFRUITS of the world's harvest
Feast of Ingathering is Israel's FINAL opportunity
Judaism was temporary, preparatory and intermediate

The Feast of Tabernacles, Part II - 31KB

The setting is the CLOSE of the Gentile dispensation
Israel's blindness is REMOVED in Daniel's Seventieth Week
The FIRST heavenly SIGN represented Israel
In the SECOND sign, the Dragon represents Satan
Satan is cast out of the heavenlies
Once again, God will gather Israel unto Himself
Rome will rule the NWO for the FIRST three and a half years
Armageddon destroys ALL life on earth
Satan is worshipped vicariously
Vatican City State is a member of the UN
Blasphemous TITLES were said to be upon each
Rome breaks her agreement with Israel
Three woes followed the third angel's Message to Laodicea

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