Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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Teaching for Doctrines the Commandments of Men - 39KB

Jesus was not the blood of a Jew nor a Gentile
The role the Talmud plays in 'Judaism'
The Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ was illegitimate
Christians are not against so-called Jews, Baptists
we should pattern our lives after Jesus Christ
Brother Branham said the world is going insane

Two Covenants - One for the Man, One for the Woman - 21KB

God formed woman out of a part of the man
Our English word "woman", means she-man
A man is bound unconditionally to his oath
Woman is not original creation but a by-product
Men, you are made in the image of God
The two shall be considered one body
AFTER the beginning, God brought is a new law
the woman which hath an husband is bound
Paul was typing the natural with the Spiritual
Circumcision was the Sign of the Old Covenant
So a man could put away his wife for:
HE can remarry, but she can not remarry

Polygamy - 19KB

Biblical Polygamy is in reality " POLYGNY" - a many-wived man
There was NO sin in the beginning
woman is NOT a spoken Word of God
Satan knew there was no way he could deceive Adam
After the fall, God introduced polygamy in both man and beast
Adam did NOT sin. 'He that is born of God cannot sin
Eve sinned when she broke God's covenant of works by UNBELIEF
they lost their innocence through carnal knowledge

The False Prophet, The Beast & The Times of the Gentiles - 32KB

Gentile kingdoms were ushered in by the FORCED worship
The daily sacrifice was taken away from Jehovah
Satan incarnate!
FORCED worship to the image of a man
This mark in the head
These ten horns or powers correspond to the ten toes
This will be America's darkest hour
Satan will unite the non-elect against the revealed Word

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