Teaching Sermons & Key Words
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Daniel - 20KB

Mediatorial Office fulfilled at the close of the Church Ages
Time runs out in the last Seal
World War I was 'the beginning of sorrows'
gentiles will be cut-off, and Israel gaffed in
God had a six-fold purpose
Jesus prophesied the desolation of the Temple

The Sixfold Purpose of Gabriel's Visit to Daniel - 59KB

1. Finish the Transgression
2. Make an end of Sins
3. Make Reconciliation for Iniquity
4. Bring in Everlasting Righteousness
5. To Seal up the Vision and Prophecy
6. Anoint the Most Holy
earthquake will destroy the Dome of the Rock
Ezekiel 40-48 describes the restoration of the Theocracy
the Bride appears in Revelation 19
Jesus spoke of His body as being the Temple of God

Israel, God's Timepiece - 40KB

I. 400 years of Affliction
II. 70 Years Servitude to Babylon, the Desolation of Jerusalem, and 62 Years Captivity
Moses had Prophesied this almost 900 Years before
There are Hidden Times and there are Revealed Times
III. 2520 years of World-Wide Dispersion
Ezekiel's Dramatized Prophecy

The Blasphemy of them Which say they are Jews, and are Not - 33KB

it is not generally known that there are true Jews and FALSE Jews
Since He formed man, God has been seeking a place of rest
Notice whence Isaiah says Israel gathers
Well, if there are 'Jews' and 'REAL JEWS', who are these different groups?
the majority of E. European Jews are Khazar and Japhetic in origin, not Semitic
Largely of Turkish extraction, these people were never 'strangers' in Egypt
Communism is another manifestation of these Khazar Jews
when Los Angeles sinks, an earthquake also splits the Mount of Olives

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