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The Christian Ministry Today - 37KB

"Do I know even ONE (1) minister who preaches the Word for THIS hour?
Woman is NOT a spoken Word, and is designed so she can deceive and be deceived
Adam had a revelation he was a son of God & could no more be lost than God
Folk who advocate women ministers may be sincere but they're sincerely wrong
The function of the five-fold ministry is to bring those who are ALREADY born again to maturity
God has all five offices in the ministry today
An apostle is one who sets the Church in order
The Word of God comes ONLY to a PROPHET
The EVANGELIST has an ability to revive or Spiritually enliven those who ALREADY have the Life
The PASTOR is a feeder of the sheep
The TEACHER has a depth of understanding in the Word beyond the other Offices
God declared a time when EVERY Church and EVERY minister would be FOUND preaching ERROR
God is calling all of His Elect, not everyone, OUT from Rome and her Protestant daughters
Christ HAS come like a thief in the night; the nominal Christians can't see Him
every denomination LOVES the Man Who died on Calvary but HATE Christ

From Faith to Faith - 25KB

The Patmos Vision, Christ's Mediation, nicolaitanism, the faith lost, denominationalism, restoration, the Fullness, the mind of God in you.
JUSTIFICATION, a step of faith: is a clear understanding of the Word of God
SANCTIFICATION is the second step in faith toward God
The third step of faith is the baptism of the Holy Ghost or the new birth
God was fulfilling a DIFFERENT part of the SAME Word in each of the Seven Church Ages
God placed man and woman under separate covenants
no record of any denomination in either the Old or New Testaments having a Revival
"the time of the end" is when Revelation 4 and 5 are fulfilled and Christ's Mediatorial work is finished
The messenger to the Laodicean Church Age was a prophet exactly as Paul

The Way Forward is The Way Back - 25KB

Did you notice Jesus rebuked Mary?
the church which was on it's way Home when it took a wrong turn at the First Nicea Council of AD325 and became almost completely lost in the Dark Ages
theologians teach God made a mistake when with His Own finger He wrote, "There is only ONE God,"
No prophet of God ever taught or believed God is a trinity
"Elohim" is a plural word meaning lord
The very fact He was a Mediator PROVES the Church was in error
denominations represent successive historical revivals each based upon progressive revelations of the Word, as God began to restore the faith which was lost
Those who were not IN Adam at the beginning were NEVER on the Book of Life from the foundation of the world and are UNSAVEABLE
When Christ was crucified we were accounted IN Him, judged IN Him, paying the price of sin IN Him

Ye are God's Building - 25KB

Christ in the True Church is a continuation of the Book of Acts
The countdown began in 1963 when the Seven Seals were revealed
clever fellows ALL missed Him and crucified the very God they claimed to love
Protestant groups were founded around a genuine move of the Spirit of God
the Charismatic move is impersonating Pentecost, and it won't work

Real Evidence of the Baptism of The Holy Ghost - 44KB

The ORIGINAL faith delivered to the apostolic fathers is the ONLY faith
there has to be an INFALLIBLE EVIDENCE of the genuine baptism with the Holy Ghost, or new birth
The Sabbath was a sign or token between God and the Twelve Tribes of Israel only
God deals with Israel as a NATION, not as individuals
our Sabbath is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week - a Spiritual rest in a Spiritual 'Place'
Attempts to reintroduce a Sabbath day deny the Resurrection and the Coming of the Holy Ghost
How can a baby have the prerequisite for baptism - a clear understanding of the Word - faith?
You can ONLY receive the Holy Spirit through your eyes or your ears
The evidence of the new birth is faith - NOT the fruits, or even the Gifts of the Spirit
God NEVER instructed His Church to organize into denominations
the foolish are holy and saved but not born again
The evidence of the Holy Ghost is NOT speaking, It is HEARING
Luther's dispensation ended when God added ANOTHER line - SANCTIFICATION
The whole of the Gentile dispensation is the antitype of the Pentecostal Feast
seven "DIFFERENT" baptisms of the Holy Ghost during the Church Ages
He was a Mediator BECAUSE the saints were NOT in agreement with the Word

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