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Apr 10, 2. Within the Bujinkan, you have a Shidoshi Menkyo as a teaching licence Hi Booka, Yeah, I figured that you didn’t mean things like the Shirabe Oboks there and yeah, I’m curious as to why they were omitted as well He seems to have this insane legacy of battles at an early age yet it’s a different name he utilized every time. I remember the first time I suspected something was up when I was in highschool, boks the Essence of Ninjutsu, the opening of that book is all these short stories of “Takamatsu” but with four or five different nicknames.

The original studentsnow Japanese shinhanwe’re taught the different ryu for the first 4 to 7years of training, I forget which exactly, they know what form is from where, how many now days teachers know what kata is from what ryu and which level of that said ryu?

I will say that there are some patterns to teach the different strategy of different kuden. Originally Posted by SpamN’Cheese. Out of interest and I’m not asking you to divulge what it was exactly, obviouslybut can you tell me whether or not that included the Fudo Ken, Engeki Ken, Shinmyo no Ken methods for Kukishin Ryu Biken?

Apr 11, 6. Only remnants of Tanba Yasumitsu is some old family scrolls and armour.

Takamatsu den – the nine systems Ninjutsu school

Obviously, that’s not an attack, as each will attract the students who like what each approach offers. Hi Greg, thanks for the input. Hi Troy, it seems that the basics are only taught, elsewhere, we need more input from others on this i feelbut lets hope it doesnt decend into this style v’s that stylei maybe wrong here takamatusden, but are’nt “Kuden” oral lessonsnot kata or henka?


Ninjutsu no Gokui, by Ito Gintetsu. I agree the flavour of the Ryu ha comes out in these sections. How can you claim to teach an ryu when it hasn’t been taught?

Apr 10, 4. Apr 14, 9. Apr 13, 8. And even in our organisation, my approach is a bit different In this book are lots of information alike the Takamatsuden Togakure-ryu has.

But the thing is that even the ilustrations of the Takamatsuden Takamqtsuden Densho -aparently- are the same as the Gingetsu’s orginal book. The Momochi house in Nabari, Mie. Hi Greg, No, Troy’s right in the way traditional arts are transmitted. Apr 10, 1. Hi Troy, I kinda hate to say it, but I don’t think that such sections are well known in the other organisations.

Hi Greg, Chris answered it quite eloquently.

Then, of course, there are organisations such as the one I’m in, but unless booke in Australia, it’s kinda moot. Don’t have an account yet?

Please, correct me if a am wrong. But they say that what they teach are nothing official but what they understand from the teachings of Hatsumi. Apr 11, 7. If you want the traditional systems, go to the Genbukan.

It would seem a lot of ppl claim to teach all 9schools of the bujinkan, I still don’t think hatsum I has shown them all yet -giken ryu etc, I would go as to say a lot of ppl claiming such things as they are teaching the whole 9 schools are fooling themselves and lying to their students, don’t they NOW study bujinkan taijutsuvery little to do with the original ryu or 9 schools, isn’t it argued that they have moved on from that past teaching into what it is no days, that is a combination of many different teachings and how hatsumi trains in themas he has said many timeshe does not teachand isn’t it said by many that “we don’t train like the old daysold ryu’swe now do this cos it is betterand we have been told its better for us, please don’t question this as we knowwe’ve been toldok.


No one has anything to add. Hatsumi steps into Hira Ichimonji and the world face palms. There are two Bujinkan Shihan that are giving some seminars about Gikan-ryu. Hatsumi goes on about the Gikan Ryu kamae being utilized to present the narrowest possible target to the opponent.

Takamatsu den – the nine systems Ninjutsu school – Akban-wiki

And I agree; I love Gyokko ryu and Koto ryu. Sep 8, Messages: Oct 11, Messages: I wonder if it had to do something with a space issue.

Originally Posted by Oniwaban. Hi Chris no, it was the kuden sections of koto ryu and kukishin ryu biken.

Apr 10, 3. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I believe there are some videos of that.

It’s the lack of aspects such as this that lead me to say that the Ryu aren’t actually taught or studied in the Bujinkan, only the techniques are as a way to explore and study what the Bujinkan actually teaches, which is Budo Taijutsu. Search tags for this page.

Discussion in ‘ Ninjutsu ‘ started by Troy WidemanApr 10, Originally Posted by Gigatron. Yes, he is very generous. So I have a Shodan Menkyo from the Bujinkan before we left, for example. May 9,