December 8, 2018


Sochi Bid Books are available online · Olympics January 16th, Sochi Bid Books are available online in PDF format at sochicom!. 18 Jun including the Sochi Bid Books, texts of Federal laws of the Russian Federation and. Governmental Decrees with regard to the WOPG. 8 Feb Sochi ; Official report now available to download. Sochi official report. Download link: RERO DOC. Files: Volume 1; Volume 2 (2.

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Sofia itself, Borovets and Bansko. One of the main reasons that Jaca didn’t make the short list is that the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were not scheduled to take place in Jaca which is in contradiction with article Pyeongchang was unanimously selected over Muju by the Korean Olympic Committee in Decemberand was the first city to submit its bid to the International Olympic Committee.

Most of the ice boook, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at La Romareda Stadiumwere to take place kilometers south of Jaca in Zaragoza.

This commission undertook a technical analysis of each candidature and then produced a report, which was to be published one month before the host city election and sent to the IOC members for study. The speed skating oval is now home to a tennis academy, the figure skating stadium might become a velodrome, and the small hockey stadium is a sports center for children see Table 1.

Preliminary ice hockey competitions were to take place in Jaca and Huesca. The Sochi Winter Games were record breaking on many levels.

Sylt, Christian, and Caroline Reid. Costs of the Sochi click here for a detailed table. They had the highest number of participating nations 88sochk highest number of athletes 2,and the highest number of events 98 of any Winter Games. The schedule of trains, however, was not synchronized, causing long waiting times for that journey.


Comment After Sochi Sofia would have hosted the ice events and bobsleigh and luge events in nearby Vitosha natural park. The following cities expressed interest in bidding but withdrew their Winter Olympics bids or decided not to bid. You can find out more about our use of cookies and personal data in our privacy policy. It is hard to see how the revenues from the after-use would cover these costs, let alone recoup the construction costs for the venues. Sofia submitted its application in the city’s third attempt to land the Winter Games, after losing the and nominations to Albertville and Lillehammerrespectively.

This makes it necessary to change trains if one wanted to travel from the airport to the mountains.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Sochi Games were also among the top 10 of Wikipedia articles that were most frequently edited and viewed infurther attesting to the public interest in the event Keegan See more detailed table including data on Olympic Games back to Grenoble in a pdf here.

Sochi would host the indoor winter sports. Johann and Ramsau venues. Both votes although four years apart bear a remarkable similarity. The bid was quite sochhi with all the ice events in downtown Almaty and the alpine events in nearby Kumbel.

Bids for the 2014 Winter Olympics

Bids for the Olympic Games. It was one of the biggest events innot just for Russia but also for the world.

Archived from the original on 23 March Bakuriani would also have been the venue xochi the cross country and freestyle skiing. Despite the lack of sports infrastructure, Georgia biid had the money and the will to host the Winter Olympics. However, IOC president Jacques Rogge commented that in the process of shortlisting in order to bie an Olympic Host City, what matters was ‘not quantity, but the quality’ of the overall bids. On top of this, the operator, Russian Railways, cut the train service to the airport to just two train pairs per day.


The proposed Olympics was based on three main centers: The primary venue for outdoor sports was the ski resort in Krasnaya Polyanadesigned by the same company who worked on ski slopes for the Winter Olympicsand scheduled to open in With several new power stations, zochi also boasts a more reliable energy supply.

The project concentrated all venues within one hour of Pyeongchang, and called for huge sums of investment into new infrastructure and sporting venues, including the new Alpensia Resort.

First Winter Olympics Bid Books in Lausanne

Vasil Levski National Stadium. In nominal terms, the whole project became about 4. Although Almaty presented a booj bid, it was implied that it was not as feasibly up-to-par as the three that were selected to enter the shortlist. In the second round of voting Pyeongchang garnered 47 votes but Sochi carried most of the votes originally cast for Salzburg and garnered 51 votes, winning the bid for the Winter Olympics.

Bids for the Winter Olympics – Wikipedia

The candidature files were submitted on 10 January Jaca has failed four times in bidding for the Winter Olympics—for the,and Olympics. The oversized and expensive infrastructure and the dire economic situation of many investors, unable to recoup their investments or even fund operating costs, will require funding for years to come. Four years earlierPyeongchang led the first ballot, but was defeated in the second one, then losing to VancouverBritish Columbia.

The Paralympics will be held from March 7—