December 4, 2018


26 Apr Keeping an accurate food journal helps people lose twice the weight! Here are our tips for keeping a food journal, and the science behind the. You’ve done your research, figured out which foods you should be eating, and maybe even signed up for the SlimGenics Program to get your one-on-one. 29 Dec SlimGenics Food Journal (iOS, Free) is a health-fitness app released Dec, 29 by SlimGenics. SlimGenics Food Journal has 17 reviews.

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My whole journal was lost: SlimGenics Weight Loss Program. With our At-Home Program, you receive the materials, structure and accountability of our comprehensive weight-loss program along with the comfort and privacy of achieving your goals at home. It helps to asses why you ate those off-plan foods. But could be so much better.

For my Slimgenics Friends…

It makes the whole food journaling process so much easier. It works great and I zlimgenics had no problems. Recent studies suggest that regularly writing down everything we consume in a food journal can help us lose double the weight!

Food journaling is a proven weight loss tool. Reviews There are no reviews yet. ProgramsWeight Loss Value Kits. It can be a pain to type out the foods. The SlimGenics at Home Program is designed to take you through the 4 phases of healthy weight loss without having to count calories or eat pre-packaged meals. Clients can take advantage of this FREE application to: Needs update bad to add new product entries like slim essentials and slim assist.


I can record my SlimGenics food entries, weight loss enhancers, water, Thermo-Boost, off-plan foods–you name it. When and where you eat. Customer Ratings Current Version: I love that it doesn’t bombard you with a bunch of numbers for calories and fat, etc. Any special categories for which you want to monitor consumption, such as carbohydrates, fat or fiber content. There are literally dozens of things the app should have, especially considering the cost of their programs.

Love the app, please consider updating to work better with step plan.

Needs to sync with a web site, add new products, add link to food listings. You must be logged in to post a review. The SlimGenics Program is a four-phase, individualized, weight-loss program that guides you from preparation through weight reduction to weight management. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics followed overweight-to-obese women for 12 months, and instructed them to write down their food intake in a food journal, and found that those who maintained their food journal saw a greater percent of weight loss.

Then we could just find the protein we ate Do not like to pay for apps. SlimGenics offers proprietary weight-loss aids and nutritional supplements that will help you lose weight faster and easier.

Great by Tanya Peters I love that I am able to tracks food on the go. Thanks so much for the slimgejics to this app! Having this app has been a godsend as I’ve started the program, seriously!! It should have a reference section with the food lists.

It should have a PDF of the plan guide for reference. Sponsored App Reviews About Contact. The way they have it set up, when used along with your daily plan, doesn’t require you to literally count every calorie.

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App Shopper: SlimGenics Food Journal (Healthcare & Fitness)

Would love to see the food list added for easier grocery shopping. Keeping a food journal during challenging and stressful times is especially useful. Monitoring what we eat helps us stay on-plan, so we can make adjustments. Were you reading or watching TV, or having brunch with your best friend? You will also receive 24 foov of follow-up eAdvisor e-mails full of educational articles and videos slimgenlcs keep you inspired throughout your weight-loss journey.

Keeping a food journal can help you make a plan for the next time jounral cravings hit. I love that I am able to tracks food on the go. Great app, great update. Do you ever grab a handful of a snack and forget that you ate it?

Why Keep a Food Journal

Check out our Testimonials. Love the app so easy to log as I go about my day. It is usually a huge pain to paper journal while dieting.

As it is today, it lets you write down most of what you would do on paper, and sometimes dumps that data on the floor.