November 20, 2018


Learn what is a winged scapula, how to fix it and what are the best exercises to stop the discomfort and gain a healthy shoulder again. READ MORE. Winged scapulae denote weakness and lack of proper function in the upper body . The following exercises are adapted from the Postural Restoration Institute. Having winged shoulder blades can mean decreased shoulder stability. By doing the winged scapula exercises in this article, you can decrease winging!.

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If you want to really dive in to shoulder and scapulae health, check out my Scap Control Program.

My 84 year old mother has a right shoulder winged scapula, since past 10 days she is in a lot of pain in the morning.

Thank you for the great exercises. In the rounded shoulders article, you say exerciaes that Serratus anterior is too tight, should I still try to make it stronger to help with winged scapula?

Winhing Serratus Anterior is the most important muscle in fixing your winged scapula! Hey Massimo, Once you fix your winging, you can focus on your strength training again whilst exerccises sure you are keep your scapula flat on your ribs. Squeezing your shoulder blades together, pull your hands down to the sides of your thighs. You want to progress to the harder levels as you get better!

2 Great Winged Scapula Exercises You Can Do!

If it is just a matter of lower trap activation issues, I would focus on lower scapulr isolation exercises without weight. Because many of us tend to round our shoulders when we do things such as sitting, this places the Pec Minor in a shortened position. While completing these exercises, remember: I always tried to keep my shoulder back and had anterior pelvic tilt. Will these svapular help? You might need to backtrack a bit to identify which exact exercise that might be causing it and changing the way that you do it.


Im going to the gym and trying to better my body on all levels, should i see a doctor about my scapula? I notice an overall increase in tension, especially in my neck. A normal shoulder exercies should be pushed up right against the back of the ribcage, however, with a winged scapula, it has become loosened from the rib cage.

How to Fix Winged Shoulder Blades – Pain Free Athlete

Hey Ahmed, Come private message me on the Facebook page. What are winged shoulder blades? In regards to Ulnar nerve issues at night time, make sure you do NOT sleep with your arms in the flexed position. Raise wnging body against scapulra by drawing your shoulder blades down your back, shortening the distance between your shoulders and ears. These exercise will help right! Although your feet should always maintain contact with the floor, your feet should progressively support less body weight as you get stronger.

What is the best sleeping position for someone who has a winged scapula? Not only will it pull the shoulder blade off the rib cage, it will also place the shoulder blade into an ineffective position. Would the stretches scapulag enough? I truly appreciate individuals like you! Another sure sign is if your scapula actually stops winging, then you know your serratus is definitely switched on!


Surgery is only used for the most serious cases and the purpose is to regain function, not to allow an athlete to return to sports. Summary Winged shoulder blades can be caused by poor breathing patterns that alter posture. Winged exercisds, all right! Hi Henry, Not all people with rounded shoulders will have a tight serratus anterior.

5 Serratus Anterior Exercises for Healthy Shoulders

Great blog you have got here. This can cause it to stick out more in the back, which can contribute to that winged scapula look.

Do not allow your hands to go behind svapular. Now I feel like I have somewhere to start and a clear path to eliminating my winged scapula! If this pain does worsen, stop and make certain you are following the directions exactly. The serratus anterior is most recognized by its serrated-looking appearance along the side of your body.

The use of ice and medication may help reduce pain and inflammation. Thank you for posting these stretches and exercises! Of course it is not perfect, but it is better than before. I figured behaviorally addressing the posture would be the most important.

You could also consider doing partial range of motion training. Hi Mark 19 years old here. If you have been tested multiple times and they have all been negative, then it is unlikely that you have a true structural leg length discrepancy.