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The Samara Sutradhara is a scientific treatise dealing with every possible angle of air travel in a Vimana. There are stanzas dealing with the construction. 21 Jan The vimAna has been noticed by many since the publication of the samarA~ NgaNa sUtradhAra (SS) of the great rAja bhoja-deva paramAra. The Samara Sutradhara is a scientific treatises dealing with every possible facet of air travel in a vimana. There are stanzas dealing with construction.

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Surprisingly samra to the bi-monthly Ancient Skies published in USA, the aircraft engines being developed for future use by NASA also uses mercury bombardment units powered by Solar cells! The system laid down in the book can even now be used to predict eclipse within an error of two or three hours. The ancient Indians themselves wrote entire flight manuals on the care and control of various types of vimanas.

15 Evidences That Prove Ancient Science Was Ahead Of Today’s Technology

The text was later modified two or three times between A. The Harappa culture also remains an enigma. But the Viking compass, known as the Uunartoq disc, had ways of getting around that. The writer suyradhara Sanskrit scholar Subramanyam Iyer has spent many years of his life deciphering old collections of palm leaves found in the villages of his native Karnataka in southern India. There are so many such texts and most of them have not even been translated into English yet.


Surabhi Verma 8 Nov, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is attributed by tradition to the famous Paramara king Bhoja of Dhar, close to present day Mandu, who ruled in the 10 th Century. Many other terrible weapons are described, quite matter of factly, in the Mahabharata, but the most fearsome of all is the one used against the Vrishis. The Baghdad Battery The Baghdad Battery, sometimes referred to as the Parthian Battery, is a clay pot which encapsulates a copper cylinder.

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They do follow the process of fission and fusion. Beneath the dragons sat eight bronze toads, with their broad mouths gaping to receive the sutrarhara.

Bhoja was a philosopher and is also supposed to have paid great attention to the education of his people. One of the palm leaf manuscripts they intend to decipher is the Amsu Bodhini, which, according to an anonymous text ofcontains information about the planets; the different kinds of light, heat, color, and electromagnetic fields; the methods used to sutradhzra machines capable of attracting solar rays and, in turn, of analysing and separating their energy sutraddhara the possibility of conversing with people in remote places and sending messages by cable; and the manufacture of machines to transport people to other planets!

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I am sure you will agree that the facts discussed in this article are very thought provoking. As a matter of fact, the data gathered from the tests corresponded accurately with that gathered by modern-day seismometers! Views Read Edit View samaga. There is no authentic biography of Raja Bhoja and the Society may also undertake that task to inspire modern generations.


In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, it is written: In the west sugradhara invention of the engine is normally attributed to a yavana sage Hero of Alexandria who composed on mechanics around CE. Samara sutradhara historians and archaeologists simply ignore such writings as the imaginative aamara of a bunch of stoned, ancient writers.

Again, in the still earlier Rg Veda Samhita we read that the Asvins conveyed the rescued Bhujya safely by means of winged ships. Eating, sutradhra and sleeping are the three most essential things for survival. Sure, we have natural gas pipelines in the modern world too.

15 Evidences That Prove Ancient Science Was Ahead Of Today’s Technology

Strong and durable must the body of the Vihmana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inthe Vaimanika Sastra, a fourth century B. Latest Stories For You. History sutradhaea Indian Theatre, Volume 1.

Do you wish to reach IndiaCause readers? The very idea indeed was ridiculed and people went so far as to assert that it was physically impossible for man to use flying machines. The Vimanas could cover vast, distances and could travel forward, upward and downward. To glibly characterized everything found in this literature as imaginary and summarily dismiss it as unreal has been the practice of both Western and Samwra scholars until very recently.

Remains of Harappa civilization.