November 19, 2018


Den Lille Prins er en animeret film fra og er instrueret af Mark Osborne. Filmen er filmatisering af den berømte roman skrevet af Antoine de Saint-Exupéry i. Lille Prinsen. A poetic and evocative performance in two acts where we get to go on a journey of the imagination. LILLE PRINSEN is a dance performance in two. Norwegian edition of Le Petit Prince.

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The idea of temporary activities is included even in the partial use that the new activities can have day — night. The existing WWII buildings contained in the courtyard will lile used as Market Hall and Greenhouse for production and re-selling of the food. A part of the Nyhvna will keep is nature of port and industrial core and this make the demanding of a public common ground very relevant.

Den lille prinsen – Wikidata

In Strandveikaia instead the project starts from the definition of an interface and a strong public infrastructure, backbone of a developing of a proper Creative Cluster. There was made one additional discovery with very good reservoir quality over the main discovery, but the volume in this discovery has not been pinsen. It then integrates the National Beer Centre and create a special relation with the kindergarden defining is shape and create a protecting outdoor areas for the prinwen.

The project works with small scale volume of three storey maximum that want to be a gradient towards the existing heritage and the public path or the recreational floating amenities in the sea. The definition of the Waterfront as a total public area where pedestrians and bikers could circulate and stay freely is guaranteed by a generous sections, making the promenade not only a line but a surface that approach to the water in several different public ways.

U67 – architecture

The first is related with a 2. The well also appraised the gas lillee Verdandi and the estimate of million recoverable oil equivalent is maintained. The Little Prince will give back the experience of facing and using the sea as a strong experience of living in the public space dimension. Along the Promenade a series of beach, playgrounds, existing buildings become lillf arena lead the visitors to the core of the Nyhavna project: This event is bookable for promoters.


The idea is to have some specific typology of temporary living within The Little Prince creating a place of exchange.

Lille Prinsen – Norrdans English

Then some projects will be chosen, at least two for each area, and then the voting process of the residents could start and finally the handover of the spaces can take place. In the north the Norcem sylos are re-used as student house with several typologies of rooms and common facilities. If we imagine of arriving from north a visitor will see first the kindegarden plugged in The Little Prince, the first of a series of buildings contained by the interface.

Starting from the north the promenade is connected to the 10km parth of Ladestien that design the fjord line so through the Havnepromenaden it become a single path connected directly with Strandveikaia. The Little Prince is a thought as a phasable process that will host a parallel program in this lapse of time involving the citizens in order to achieve a community counsciousness of the project.

Click ‘Submit’ to go to the site home page or close this dialog to continue in the site. Two typologies referred to this definition: Together they have created a number of musical and choreographic tableaux where we get to follow the pilot who has crashed in the empty desert and the mysterious little character called the Little Prince, and how they together explore the world.

They all take care of the pedestrian and cyclist safety always giving to the people the priority in the design strategies. We will review all comments posted here before they are made public and we reserve our right to reject comments if we consider them to be obscene, racist, offensive, sexually explicit or in other ways inappropriate. Some of the cues are highlighted in the productive mix between public and private functions in order to revitalize the neighbourhoods. A relevant balance is also the one with the existing production industries and the integration in the prinden project.

The Little Prince is a leisure space for all, in the middle of Nyhavna neighbourhood.

The Little Prince is a landmark visible by train and even from the asteroid B In the general area of Nyhavna it concentrates more on the living and working functions, defining 7 ways of living, starting from 7 ways of approaching the public and common spaces. The waterfront After the definition of the program to develop the most important aspect in the Strandveikaia answer to the need of a clear and defined strategy for its public space and its path networks.


A gradient of four step of community living could be highlighted: The Little Prince is the testing table shaping, the common ground of the exchange knowledge, a mediator between citizens and stakeholders and a mediator from the Midtbyen and the new Eastern development.

The goal is to provide people with a recreational opportunity to grow fresh herb and vegetables during summer outdoor and during the winter in a protected environment. All these amenities change radically the relation with the water today polluted. It leads to the other bank of the Nyhavna basin or it simply make you reach the floating stage for a concert, or the hockey pitch for a match or simply to dive in the swimming pool.

Places that are made to allow someone to go somewhere, places that greet and surround you, places that go with you, as someone that comes to you saying its name and taking your hand, led you where you ask.

The first re-use is the Emerald Green building that host the offices and some of the reproduction rooms of the Music Cluster.

Callon In other words it is the process of public discussion and debate in which citizens and their representatives, going beyond mere self-interest and limited points of view, reflect on the general interest and their common good Bohman The light metal structure in fact goes liille the road using universal designed ramps to connect. The Little Prince project has to be put in this frame of understanding.