December 6, 2018


ABSTRACT: This paper goes through an overview of an emerging display technology; Heliodisplay. It is an air-based display, using principally air that is already. 4 Jul MX6 Processors. Heliodisplay can receive input from a computer, television, or even from videogame consoles, and project the image on. The development of this distinctive technology, dubbed Heliodisplay by its developer Chad Dyner, began early this decade after Dyner decided to trade a.

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From Heliodisplay As shown in the diagram below, air flows into the device, is modified and then ejected and illuminated to produce the image.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

There is also an interactive version called the M3i. We’ve been patient, though. These are the first Heliodisplay developed by the IO2 Technology.

The development of this distinctive technology, dubbed Heliodisplay by its developer Chad Dyner, began early this decade after Dyner decided to trade a promising career as an architect to become an inventor.

Multimodal interaction Display technology companies Computer peripherals. The image can be viewed from behind the base unit. The science fiction film Star Wars has several famous examples of how a projection device like this might be used.

iO2 Technology / Holographic Systems and Solutions

The display connects to a standard video source such as DVD player or PC and projects any images that would be viewable on a computer screen or television. Dyner bought neliodisplay ordinary digital projector, took it yeliodisplay, and spent entire days trying to figure out a way to stop heliodiplay midair the light coming from the projector without engaging a traditional screen.


Though it is currently expensive and unaffordable Heliodisplay technology has a great potential. The M30 is the updated version of the M3, which fits into the current model numbering system, 30 designating the diagonal screen size. Though it has some flaws the attention that it brings is enormous. As ofno computer or drivers are required. A future display might incorporate the best of both worlds: The Heliodisplay was invented by Mr. Heliodisplay can operate as a free-space touchscreen when the equipment is ordered as an interactive unit with embedded sensors in the equipment.

It works with most video sources.

Related News Stories – ” Display “. This unique technology, developed by a former architect, creates one of the most convincing open-air holographic-like images in existence.

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Heliodiplay Heliodisplay diagram The image is two-dimensional, not volumetric. In the Heliodisplay, a projector is focused onto a layer of mist in mid-air, resulting in a two-dimensional display that appears to float.

It is also interactive, forming a heliodlsplay touch screen that can be manipulated with your hands. The interactive version heliodisplag of the heliodisplay contains an embedded processor that controls these functions internally for single touch, or multiple touch interactivity using an equipment mounted arrangement but without the IR laser field found on the earlier versions.

Heliodisplays are now being sold worldwide, and in the US, priced well below the twenty thousand dollar mark.

The system developed by IO2 Technology in uses a projection unit focused onto multiple layers of air and dry micron-size atomized particles in mid-air, resulting in a two-dimensional display that appears to float 3d when using 3d content.


Wirewax Watching You Watch, Adjusting Your Experience ‘He adjusted the n, the r and b knobs, and hopefully anticipated a turn for the better Making Something Out of Nothing.


It is the future generation display where we can see images projected into mid-air without the help of a solid screen. We heliodisllay a military section, for example, in which we do not disseminate anything other than our contact. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. When do you predict such a technology to become commercially available? In IO2 reintroduced hleiodisplay smaller format Heliodisplays along with the standard L large models that project approximately 2 meter tall image for lifesize person projections.

The original system used a CMOS camera and IR laser to track the position of a finger in mid-air and update the projected image to enable the first of its kind co-located display with mid-air controller interface. These specifications are available on our website. The particle cloud is composed of a vast number of individual micro droplets, between microns in diameter, too small to be visible to the naked eye, held together by surface tension. A PC sees the Heliodisplay as a pointing device, like a mouse.