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Results 1 – 11 of 11 Dajjal: The Anti Christ by Thomson, Ahmad and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. The author attempts to relate current events and trends in the world to prophecies contained in the Qur’an and Sunnah. However, this best-selling book is not. Find great deals for Dajjal The Anti Christ Thomson Ahmad Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Dajjal has been the subject of much writing in the past. The sign that this possession has taken place is that you see large numbers or groups of people all acting as one body, apparently possessing no individual identity.

Izzy rated it it was amazing Sep 06, If this be true, then we see that they are intimately linked with the appearance of Dajjal, thomsson many of them today are in high positions of control in the various interlinking systems which together make up the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system.

The great majority of people who teach in the kaffir educational system do not have real knowledge, that is knowledge of the Real, that is Allah, or they would not allow themselves to be part of that system and accordingly part of the kaffir producer consumer process which, as we have already seen, only appears to be an attractive proposition when Allah and the Last Day and the Fire and the Garden are firmly forgotten.

The muslim gives out and leaves the rest up to Allah. It has already been stated that the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal antichrisy, is formed of interlinking systems. That way of life had already been lost when Jesus first appeared on earth.

Sistem Dajjal

Voluntary sharing is only possible where the true nature of existence is known. In other words, it is possible to ascertain the characteristics of Dajjal as an unseen force by examining Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon Considering Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon we see that the takeover is well under way, and that the time would appear to be soon approaching when it will be time for the Dajjal the individual to appear, simply because the systems and the antidhrist running those systems, that is the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal, system, have apparently gained sufficient world wide control to be able to instate him as the leader they have all been waiting for, once he ha!


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. However, this best-selling book is not simply a catalogue of these events. Some people are so impervious to the kaffir educational conditioning process that they anticurist up spending a great deal of their lives in prison. All this is done in the name of progress and civilising the backward, but in reality the new lifestyle which is inevitably linked with the new technology, and with the mockery of real knowledge which the kaffir calls literacy and education, is the sign of the end of a human transaction in that area.

He also said that giving out is a shield from the Fire. Many of the signs of the end of the world are clearly indicated in the Hadith collections, and whoever is awake and aware of the signs in the self and on the horizon, knows these signs aantichrist recognises them when they appear. It is not known how reliable or accurate these prophecies or the commentaries on them are.

Whereas some people work in order to live, many now live in order to work. Dajjal sebagai gejala sosial budaya global. All the signs of the end of the world are now apparent, except for, antichrkst last four major signs, and it would appear that even these are now imminent.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The jinn are made of smokeless fire. Useful information is defined as that information which leads to real knowledge.

In no time at all the consumer producer process has been firmly established. We are made of water and clay. Insha Allah, keburukan atas sandiwara politik global akan tampak jelas dan terang. They have been conditioned to find their meaning in the consumer producer process and to accept the system which enslaves them.

No, you will enjoy unlimited free shipping whenever you meet the above order value threshold. Or at least her persona, the good Christian wife of a military man who raises her children full-time and loves to bake and hates Jews. Angels are made of pure light. Although the prophet Muhammad said that some Muslims would follow the example of their predecessors, meaning the Christians and the Jews, faster than a lizard makes for its hole, he also said that not all of his community would go astray.


I should probably have given it no stars. The large numbers of books and films which deal with the!

Dajjal The AntiChrist by Ahmad Thomson – Hardcover | Souq – UAE

The kaffir factory system is an inhuman and degrading system. This trust is complete when the person knows his or her self, for whoever knows their self knows their Lord, and whoever knows their Lord knows what comes from their Lord, which is creation, the universe and everything in it; and no form tangible or intangible, actual or conceptual, can be associated with Allah.

They support your day and keep things in perspective.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Even the individual concern or the small business is highly regulated in what it mayor may not do. Allah is the Knowing and the Knower of every separate thing that befalls us, ahmmad All pervading. Saya membaca buku ini dalam bentuk pdf karena kelangkaannya — ketika tahu telah ada versi hardcopy baru dari penerbit lain segera saya borong beberapa http: Yasmin Nur Habibah rated it it was amazing Jun 08, It comes as no surprise to find that those who control the government of a kaffir state usually control the large corporations too.

Books thr Ahmad Thomson. They are obliged to keep pace with the machines.

There abtichrist three aspects of Dajjal. David Icke’s isn’t much better, as you might expect. The degree of success which was achieved by the Trinitarian Church in these attempts, both in the past and in the present, was, and is, only made possible by the fact that it worked hand in glove with the kaffir system, that is the Dajjal system, which of course was, and is, also committed to subverting and destroying the practice of a living and dynamic Islam.