November 20, 2018


Brahmakumari Murli November – Bk Murli Today Hindi. By omshanti1 • October 25, • Hindi Murli. ब्रह्माकुमारी मुरली: आज की मुरली. Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris Hindi – Today Murli 9 November To Read Murli 8 November Click Here प्रात:मुरली ओम् शान्ति. By enabling, this skill can be accessed on all your available Alexa devices. Brahma Kumaris Murli. by Developer. 6. Free to Enable. “Alexa, start daily murli”.

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Whaling, Dr Frank Shri means the most elevated, and so this would apply to Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

You belong to Me and I belong to you. While traveling they abstain from public fare and carry their own utensils for cooking. Those who come later take fewer births. You receive knowledge at this auspicious confluence age.

Losing and Saving Self and World”. The Yadavas were the ones who invented the missiles and the Kauravas and the Pandavas were brothers.

Brahmakumaris Daily Murli

In the later years, with the coming of the partition and subsequent migration to India, this sect, confronting a greatly changed social milieu, assumed a somewhat different focus and identity. Therefore, have patience, become stable in the stage of a detached observer, and continue to give all souls your co-operation of peace and power. It is years since Christ came.

I come to establish the deity kingdom; everything else is to be destroyed and you will brah,akumari go to heaven. You children understand the meaning of this. You have to study in class for an hour and then go home and think about these things. Second by second, every second that passes continues to tick away.


You understand that the old world is now to be destroyed and that the new world is being established. They simply convert Hindus into Christians. That one is the unlimited Father.

BK Murli Today – 9 November 2018

They will come to understand this later. Therefore, you have to make effort and claim such an inheritance.

Become pure and make others pure like yourself. The best therapy for this: The world of deities exists in the golden age. As soon as they become engaged, their intellects yoga is connected to one another. You children say that you are claiming your inheritance of the kingdom of heaven.

Those bodies will be fine when you imbibe knowledge and yoga. You children also understand that there is victory and defeat. The poor have clay pots whereas the wealthy would have so many material possessions. There is no aim or objective in reading the Vedas and the scriptures or in chanting or doing tapasya.

Now, of the two, who is the God of the Gita? He is also merciful. Only Bharat existed in the golden age.

The Brahma Kumaris can explain it to you. He teaches human beings. Many have been here to Madhuban This too is a horse race. This praise does not belong to a human being.


Inafter a year period of retreat, a more structured form of teaching began to be offered to the public by way of a seven lesson course. Estimates for its worldwide membership ranges from 35, in toin [25] toin[26] however, it is reported that many were probably not completely committed to the group’s worldview.

BK Murli today in Hindi and English – Brahma Kumaris

You are to receive new bodies in the future. The Brahma Kumaris teaches a form of meditation [43] through which students are encouraged to purify their minds. The Gita contains the shrimat spoken by God.

Friday, November 9, Murli. However, the Father makes them into elevated, divine brothers. You can see how much temptation Maya gives you. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your mirli to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

Many souls would stop going to centers because they feel that reading muralis is all that they are expected to do. He will take all souls back. When you were in the golden age, souls and bodies were both pure; you used to rule there.

The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. O God, the Father, come! Only when they become pure can they go to heaven or the sweet home.