November 21, 2018


Click here to give up LPG subsidy online To Join PAHAL(DBTL) and Avail of Regular LPG Services. Online Please Enter Your Digit LPG ID Below. Online procedure of Aadhaar linking for changing DBTL LPG Subsidy from One bank to . Checking LPG DBTL (PAHAL) Status – Bharat Gas, Indane and HPCL. 28 Jul Find List of Downloadable Forms for Bharat Gas Connection: KYC Form, Ujjwala KYC Application, LPG Subsidy Form, DBTL Form, LPG.

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The Duly filled form should be then submitted to the concerned office.

Changing Bank Account for LPG Subsidy – Online Method

When applying for a Bharat Gas LPG connection or to avail of the gas subsidy scheme, there are certain forms that have to be filled out.

Many citizens who could afford LPG at market price gave up on their LPG subsidies to help their fellow citizens who were in need. Online as well as offline. How long will it take for the change. LSGKerala – Building In the linkage web site old bank is shown. I have an account in SBI with my Aadhar linked to it, we want to get subsidy in my bank account, not my father’s because we want to close that account due to some reasons.


I had inoperative account with Bank of India.

List of Forms for Bharat Gas Connection

See the screen shot below:. Now we registered new account are we able to get all pending subsidy? Give the necessary input into the fields: Kindly brief me the offline procedure for availing the subsidy which is due since April when the bank’s branch was merged with another branch. It is basically two part procedure in which first part is the registration of Aadhaar and linking it to your Bank account. With the government implementing the PAHAL or Pratyaksha Hastaantarit Laabh scheme of direct benefit, it was designed such that deserving consumers would receive the subsidy amount directly into their accounts, eliminating the possibility of fraud or a middleman pocketing the amount.

Download Form 1 — Form required to be Submitted at Bank. I did not receive the Subsidy. Enter the OTP and submit. List of Forms for Bharat Gas Connection. Skip to main content. Click here to Download Form 2. LPG connection is in my father’s name, we had to open an account in Andhra Bank in the name of my father and provide his Aadhar to get subsidy.

Download LPG Subsidy Forms | Form 1,2,3,4 PDF –

Below is the screen shot for the procedure:. However, the forms to be submitted in this case are different. Please tell me how to get subsidy in aadhar linked existing accounts.


Wait until this is processed and start receiving Bharay to the new bank. See the screen shots below:. If yes then kindly tell me the process.

Then submit for OTP. For pending subsidy you may call toll free number: Click on the link “Link your Aadhaar Number” given in the left side. Individuals who are applying for the subsidy without an Aadhaar card can submit this form to their bank branch in order to receive the subsidy amount into their bank account. Click here to Download Form 1. If yes then how? I vorm new bank branch with application they said they can’t gaw anything I contacted gas dealer they said wait more time pls help where should I go?

Individuals who wish to give up their LPG subsidy are to submit this form to their Bharat Fform distributor. I have closed the account which got mapped when i updated the aadhar in bank account.