November 24, 2018


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Do you know that NO speed detection device currently being used in Australia meets the requirements of this Act and NO speed detection device has been certified to comply with this Act?

In tincidunt lorem consequat mauris. We have been operating for almost 10 years now, so you can be assured that our information works just as we say it does – after all you can’t stay in business for 10 years in this day and age if your product and service don’t deliver as promised.

About Traffic Fines

The truth on traffic finesparking fines and red light camera fines. You are actually treated worse, if you commit a minor speeding offence, than MOST criminals in this country. If you have ANY questions or doubts as the effectiveness and authenticity of our strategies, then we would immediately direct you to our Testimonials page, where people from all states have successfully fought back against ALL aussis of traffic fines, using our information, and WON!

Quisque mattis nisl vel nunc. In fact, if you have received a fine that you KNOW you can’t get out of and you are about to lose your licence, we have a Special Bonus Report that shows how to keep your licence and, quite possibly, your job ausie well. If you tell these companies the truth though, they have every right, and usually exercise that right, to charge you MORE per year for your insurance, even though NO correlation has EVER been proven between speeding and there being more accidents.

Proin dolor erat, sollicitudin sed, tempus sed, pellentesque quis, tortor. Before you go any further, take some time to read over our numerous testimonials pages here – which we now have to update almost EVERY week because we get so much positive feedback – and see just how many people are successfully using our information to fight back against these insane fines.

In fact, this is spweding most fun you will probably ever have, learning about the laws of this country.

Do you realise that if someone borrows your car, receives a fine in the mail and then tries to do the RIGHT thing and pay that fine, that YOU could still end up with points off your licence and YOU can then be denied insurance or, have a valid insurance claim rejected?


Our Newsletter Enter your details below to join our email list and receive our newsletter. We even go as far as explaining, in depth, the flaws within the actual training manuals for radar and laser devices — page by page. Click here to read all about our on-line petition to have ALL speed red light cameras removed from service and what you can do right NOW to help achieve this!

You pay taxes, you register your car and you pay highly inflated fuel prices – which also add to the government coffers – so you have the RIGHT to drive on safe roads.

The most SHOCKING and confronting information, though, is contained in Chapter 6, where we explain, in detail, the abundance of flaws that exist with all speed detection devices currently being used in Australia — the worst being speed cameras.

We know that fighting fines can be stressful and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We include a multitude of example letters that you can use — all you have to do is cut and paste your own details — in reply to ANY traffic fine that you receive. Popular Articles THE accuracy of mobile speed cameras is under assault by the legal world. You also get scanned copies of actual reply letters that we have received from government agencies that detail MANY of the points that we raise.

You do NOT need to be a traffic lawyer to understand this. You can edit or delete this by visiting the control panel and clicking on “Manage News”.

The ONLY reason that the police still get away with this is because people just aren’t aware of it and not enough people have yet taken a stand against it. The team at Aussie Speeding Fines realise that the current system just plain and simply isn’t working and ultimately, we have a Vision for the Future that we would ultimately like to see implemented.

In line with feedback from our Members and Subscribers, this service will now be greatly limited in future — with only a very brief outline of the available update being provided — to encourage E-book Members to also become Update Members. If you would like to join as an Advanced Member – to ensure that you receive all our future e-mail updates so that you are one of our fully informed and educated motorists – please be sure to read the Advanced Membership instructions here – and then click here – http: Our Newsletter Enter your details below to join our email list and receive our newsletter.

About the e-book

The truth on traffic finesparking fines and red light camera fines. Our Newsletter Enter your details below to join our email list and receive our newsletter. In fact, we have even included another Bonus Report on how to get out of parking fines. Aussie Speeding Fines has created a simple audsie follow, step-by-step e-book that shows you that fighting an unjust and unlawful traffic fine can be as simple, in some cases, as just writing a single letter.


In this report we outline a very simple way of having a parking fine dropped, whilst actually helping to enforce a Commonwealth law. So, what will you find in our e-book? The truth on traffic finesparking fines and red light camera fines.

There is NO victim if you break a road rule and therefore there is no crime committed and no need for punishment by way of any fine or loss of demerit points. They enter their name and e-mail address on our Home page to get a copy of our free report and they are then encouraged to become E-book Members. Please don’t wait to order this e-book though.

Do you know that insurance companies can deny your legitimate claim simply because you failed to notify them of a single speeding offence? Now, imagine this happened to you and you NEVER broke the speed limit, but it occurred simply as a result of a faulty speed camera. This e-book is NOT designed so everyone can go around speeding lawlessly and just get away with it. Do you realise that even if these various Road Rules WERE, in fact law, that you are still being treated unfairly, as you have committed no crime?

You see, the more we researched the laws on road use, the more holes we found. Please note that there is no requirement to become an Update Auzsie, you can still spefding and successfully use the information contained in the e-book without it and ayssie will continue to support and assist you in any way we can.

Popular Articles THE accuracy of mobile speed cameras is under assault by the legal world.

Please note that your E-book Membership not only entitles you to a copy of our e-book but also to unlimited e-mail access to our on-line experts, completely free of charge, for life!

We educate you oas to precisely what your common law rights are, in respect to driving on Australian roads, and we show you EXACTLY how to exercise those rights.

On the original print the outlines of the sensor strips are visible and, says Rodgers, his car’s rear wheels in lane 1 have yet to cross them.