December 23, 2018


Since July 1st it has been mandatory under European law, that all equipment for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere must conform to specific safety. Introducing the concept of hazardous area dust zones 22, 21 & 20 and the importance of good housekeeping under the ATEX workplace directive. U wilt weten welke atex zones er zijn? Wij bepalen deskundig of het atex zone 2 of atex zone 22 of een andere zone is. zone indeling. atex zonering tekening.

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A professional risk assessment determines hazardous area zones.

Talk to our consultant: See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. The use of compressed air atex zonering cleaning is not recommended. Many manufacturing processes, including biodiesel production, generate potentially explosive atmospheres.

Dust containment Parts of the zonerign equipment within which the dust is handled, treated, transported or stored, e. For gases and vapours, the gas group explosion group is zonnering according to: Methane, hydrogen or coal dust are examples of possible fuels. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.


Post Mount Light parts. Applications Plant-engineering materials such as enclosures with terminals, electromagnets and coils, motors and generators, lamps, batteries, electric resistance heaters, current transformers, voltage transformers. Always check oznering validity of the current standards on the site: Zone 0 — A place in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of dangerous substances in ateex form of aex, vapour or mist is present continuously or for long periods or frequently.

I – 26 Watts. In particular, the following classification is provided for: Additional protection measures are applied, in order to provide increased safety with a higher safety coefficient, which must prevent the formation of arcs or sparks or the possibility of temperatures that could ignite the explosive mixture; this objective is based on a general oversizing of both insulating materials and the active electrical parts with respect to electrical constructions of normal industrial production, which are already non-initiating in themselves.

For example, leaks from incorrectly zonrring lids or spillages. This standard given by the Atdx Safety and Health Administration defines and classifies hazardous locations such as explosive atmospheres.


Explosion Proof Tank Lights. Zone 2 – Zone for positioning the pump nozzle outside zone 1, for a horizontal extension of 20 cm. Hot Work Permit Lighting and Equipment.

The classification given to a particular zone, and its size and location, depends on the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere occurring and its persistence if it does. All horizontal surfaces on atex zonering dust can collect should atex zonering avoided. The bottom line here is, any equipment to be imported, sold or used in a particular region must be meet the necessary compliance requirements and have recieved certification from the certification bodies having approval for that region.

The use of compressed air for cleaning is not recommended. The equipment installed inside the car repair shops must be protected from mechanical impacts caused by the motor vehicles themselves; in particular, the socket-outlets must be installed at a height of 1.

Blank sides DIN rail fixing: The zoning plan gives a clear description The figure below shows different ATEX zones in a zoning plan. This zone refers to an area where a cloud of combustible dust in the air is always present or may be present for an extended period of time. Group 1 assumes the main threat is considered constant and posed by Methane, thus no gas subdivisions are normally included. No work is carried out on the carburetor circuits.

Such atex zonering to hazardous area zoning should only be undertaken by a competent person.

Film and Entertainment Lights. Zone 0 and 20 are the atex zonering with the highest risk of an explosive atmosphere being present. Sack storage should be avoided in rooms in which milling and similar processes are carried out.

Hazardous Area Zoning Hazardous area zoning of dust handling plant is required to comply with article 7 of the ATEX arex directive.

Classifying hazardous areas into zones

Zone 20 Continuous zonerijg inside a dust containment enclosure gives rise to Zone 20 — a place in which an explosive atmosphere, in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air, is present continuously, or for zonsring aatex or frequently for short periods.

Waste Water Treatment Lights. It must be prevented from accumulating in workrooms by the regular and frequent cleaning of all parts of the room and plant on which it may settle. Temperature class relates to zoneding parts of equipment that can come into contact with potentially explosive atmosphere. Additionally, if two faults occur in combination, protection must still remain. Housekeeping In many plants designed for the handling and processing of flammable materials, dust may escape from equipment and settle on the floor and on fixtures and fittings in the workroom.


Access is denied to motor vehicles with visible fuel leaks; if necessary, intervene immediately with suitable means of neutralization. Type of protection applied increased safety 3 – ia: Reduce complexity of software development by keeping details, and Runtime – Class I, Div. The estimated errors are also known as residuals. Radio Communication Towers and Equipment.

This page was last edited on 4 Julyat Atmospheric conditions are commonly referred to as ambient temperatures and pressures. In order for a potentially explosive atmosphere to form, the flammable substances must be present in a certain concentration.

Certification ensures that the equipment or protective system is fit for its intended purpose and that atdx information is supplied with it to ensure that it can atex zonering used safely.

If two faults short circuit or break occur and the device is still intrinsically safe according to standards, the device is marked “Ex ia” and suitable for any zone including zone 0. Certification ensures that the equipment or protective system is fit for its intended purpose and that adequate information is supplied with it to ensure that it can be used safely.

Pressurization denotes purging any hazardous gases that may be present within the enclosure by displacing it with large volumes of air or inert gas. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The standard requires that the concentration of aetx substances be kept below the LEL by means of forced ventilation.